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Authentic Japanese food catering , Tea ceremony , Japanese Calligraphy(書道 Shodo), Japanese Foods workshop and more!


Workshops will be held at our location in English or Japanese.

It’s possible to have the workshop on location.

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Authentic Japanese food catering!

“Japanse maaltijd service vanuit huis”

We will be very happy to prepare for you authentic Japanese Sushi(寿司) and other specialties from our country.


Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or if you want to place an order.

Please order in English by E-mailing,

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Japanese Calligraphy Lesson

In-person or Online

For any particular piece of paper, the calligrapher has but one chance to create with her brush.

Join us and learn Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

The distinctive brushstrokes and curves that make up the traditional shodo style is unmistakable and it forms one of the more visually engaging styles of Japanese culture.

Learn the skills to produce your own beautiful rendering of this aspect of the Japanese language.

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The Japanese or Chinese tea ceremony is a cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of Tea.

You will be able to taste tea, eat okashi (sweets) and learn how to make delicious tea.


You can choose between:

・Japanese tea: Sencha, Matcha, etc

・Chinese tea: Oolong, Red- or Black tea, etc

Japanese tea ceremony

1 person €30(60min


オランダ,アムステルダム,観光,ツアー,ガイド,ツアーガイド,旅行,車,ドライバー,トリップ,プライベート,ドライブ,日本語,日本人,移住,日本文化,茶,抹茶,中国,中国茶,tea,japan,ceremony,workshop,Japanese food,
オランダ,アムステルダム,観光,ツアー,ガイド,ツアーガイド,旅行,車,ドライバー,トリップ,プライベート,ドライブ,日本語,日本人,移住,日本文化,茶,抹茶,中国,中国茶,tea,japan,ceremony,workshop,Japanese food,

Sushi is a traditional type of Japanese food composed mainly of a combination of sumeshi (vinegared rice) and other ingredients. Nori (seaweed) can be used but is not always part of sushi.

Learn to roll like a pro! You don’t need to be a sushi master - we’ll teach you step by step, until you’re rolling your own sushi masterpieces…

At the end you will be able to taste what you made including some side dishes.

1 person €50~ (2hrs)